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Mapping service design

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 00:00

But who's SDBarcelona? Well, if you are related to Barcelona and interested in service innovation, YOU are SDB. This is not openness bullshit, SDB is an open non-profit group of people who sense the need for public stages where things happen, in this case around service innovation. They can also see the opportunity service design has to capitalise the creative capacity of the city to have a positive impact. Some folks organised the Launching, some others are now leading the Mapping, as Adrià.


Some Guiding Principles.

Service Innovation
We designers, industry, and public institutions representatives see the need and opportunity services offer to have better economy, society and planet.
Shared goals are better achieved when all stakeholders work together. Indeed, creativity lies at the intersection of worldviews.
Nothing is more powerful that individuals pulled together by shared interests beyond the boundaries of the organisations they are part of.
To be truly impactful, everybody must be able to use the stage for whatever it is useful for the community.


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