Apocapoc BCN

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A place to work/A place to play/ A place to think/A place to try/A place to cook/ A place to taste/A place to show/ A place to capture/  A place to share/ A place to be/ A place for YOU

"A poc a poc, one step at a time, petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid"


We have a 200m2 multi-functional space where each element perform multiple functions, desks and chairs, workshop space, kitchens, outdoor heaven with fruit trees, a roof garden with a giant sunflower. All of that in an eco-friendly style, done with trash, love and laughter.

The perfect space to create drops of creative ideas and innovative actions in a sea of changes. At Apocapoc BCN, we can take the time to put some meaning in daily choices and moves. See it as a productive playground, a cosy cocoon, a safe place to try, fail, share and make it happen.


  • Passatge hort dels velluters, 5
    08003 Barcelona